#1 No-code Development
Company in Japan.

Why No-code?

Three advantages lead to succeed your business.

Fast Speed

Possible to develop systems at 1/3 speed compered to systems developed with programing.


You can change specifications flexibly anytime during development.

Maintenance by your staff

You can do maintenance and operate systems by yourself. You don’t need to pay a high monthly maintenance fee.


Our strength is that we can deliver various types of services with many kinds of no-code tools.

Josanshi Online
Josanshi Global Inc.

Developed Online reservation system by WordPress /Amelia to take counseling service with Midwife.

Tohoku University Graduate School

Developed a health management application for working pregnant women in order to analyze a work and a body by Bubble.

veernca LLC

Developed Sound SNS/ Spatial Memo application by Bubble referencing unique sensation by visual disturbance. We displayed the application at SXSW exhibition.

Joint Co., Ltd

Developed an online store by Shopify, which sells a bag made from vintage scarf and accessories

Program Management System
Sourire Co., Ltd

Developed membership and customer database for a student and a family by kintone. It makes all communications digitalize and increase productivity.

No-code Training Program
Bridge Co., Ltd

No-Code training program was produced for major shoe maker, Mizuno. It was jointly developed by Bridge Co., Ltd and us.

Many other consulting and development experiences.

No-code Tools building with

Our strength is development capabilities, which we provide perfect solutions by various tools.

No-coders guild

sowacana has an online no-code community with 50+ no-coders.

Guild diversity

We are the community that has people with many kinds of background, skills and experiences.Since then, we provide perfect solutions in every field or every issues.

Our member’s profile.

Age : 20’s to 50+’s
Work environment : Business owner, Freelance, side business.
Job : IT engineer, Student, Medical worker, Sales rep, Consultant, Real estate, Retail.
Skills beside no-code : Rep、Business Architect、Yes-code、data analyst

MVP development

Our members, who have had development experiences at a startup company provide development support of MVP.

Office System Development

Our members who have experienced Business Process improvement or Office System Development at a major company support development.

No-Code consulting

We provide only a consulting and giving advices for a company, which wants to develop a system in your company.
It’s helpful to operate and maintain a system and develop a new business by using accumulated know-how of No-code development.

Training, Seminars and Presenter at your event

We give a presentation and tell you our know-how about development experiences at our company. We provide the personalized presentation for an hour or a half of a day.


No-code Shift by Impress Publishing

We recently believe that DX, known as digital transformation, decides future of your company while consumers are getting changing what they spend. On the other hand, it grows into a serious problem of a shortage of engineers.

Now, it’s getting attention to a way of development, which is “No-code” or “Low-Code”. No more using code to develop system. You will understand the latest keyword, “No-Code” when you read this book.

We explain advantages and disadvantages, No-Code implementation/ How to use No-Code and changes by using No-Code. We take up many characteristics of No-Code tools and a way of learning No-Code. (Introduction by a publisher)


Shota Ando

After a president of our company graduated a collage he entered Fujitsu Limited. After he found his oun company, which solved a social problem by IT, he has involved in solving various social problems from the point of an engineer. After he experienced trainings human resources for an engineer he started no-code business. He has joined highly social business as a main one, such as a collage and NPO. He has also joined a new business development related to No -ode and business improvement projects. He develops No-Code services at some companies as CTO.

Company Profile

Namesowacana LLC
FoundedJuly in 2021
Address2-5 Ogimachi, Nakaku, Yokohama city, Kanagawa, Japan
Our BusinessConsulting of business system and development, Support of developing Startup products and No Code Training and consulting


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